World According To Manchesterpaul

Betrayal & Rejection ( in life and love )

You Can Never Look Me In The Eye, Because You Lie
Your Whole Life Is A Lie
So Do I Just Sigh ?
Or Do I Go And Die ?

Monday April 15 2024~~~If this is not today's date, refresh page for updated version.

I caught a falling star, it ripped my hands to pieces

I always smile
But in my eyes does the sorrow show ?
Does anyone see the loneliness inside me ?

Words end in disaster
On the rocks in pieces

Everyone i turn to
Turns on me

People who change for no reason at all
It's happening all of the time

Your name
Like ice into my heart

I live with desertion among millions of people

Surrendered to self-preservation by others who care for themselves
A blindness that touches perfection, but hurts just like anything else

You showed me that silence can speak louder than words
You showed me the silence that haunts this troubled world

I always looked to you
I put my trust in you

I wonder where you are tonight
As the night goes by so very slow
I hope that it won't end all alone

You don't know how long i've wanted to touch your lips and hold you tight
You don't know how long i've waited and i was going to tell you tonight
But the secret is still my own and my love for you is still unknown

How do i get you alone ?

I see you fade away, don't ever fade away
I need you here today, please don't fade away

Abandoned, solitary, alone
No kisses, no caresses, no conversation
Left to struggle with self-salvation by those absorbed in themselves
A disinterest that is total, this callous disregard
Pierces through my heart, eats away my soul

I feel the weighted silence
As one by one the people slip away into the night
I sit and listen dreamlessly
The promise of salvation makes me stay

Whisper your name in an empty room
Then i think of your face and feel my heart pushed in
I stand and hear my voice cry out, which leaves me softly crying
Slowly dying

A life lived without others
Longing to touch and be touched

Catch me if i fall, i'm losing hold
I just can't carry on this way
Please say the right words, will no one save me ?

No one lifts their hands, no one lifts their eyes
I stand lost forever in a happy crowd
I went away alone with nothing left
Waiting for the death blow

Look at all the lonely people
Where do they all come from ?
Where do they all belong ?

When i was a child i caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I tried to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown, the dream is gone

I have lived the life of a drifter waiting for the day
When i take your han and maybe you would say
Come lay with me and love me
And i would surely stay

But i feel i'm growing older
And the thoughts that i have had
Echo in the distance
Like the sound of a windmill going round

In days of old when nights were cold
I wandered without you
Those days i thought my eyes had seen you standing near

Though blindness is confusing
It shows that you are not here
I guess i'll always be
A soldier of fortune

I didn't mean to let them take away my soul
Am i too old ?, is it too late ?

Striving, struggling, doing the best with limited means
Stunned and sickened at the skitting and spurning
The shock, so deep and hurting

I am human and i need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

A beautiful broken angel fell my way
To mend her wings, i laboured every day
All my time spent nurturing, building her confidence
'Till her eyes began to sparkle, her soul began to dance

As soon as she was able to fly away
She turned towards me in all her beauty
Bared her teeth, drew her claws
Ripped out my heart

Please keep your distance, there's blood on your fingers
I campaigned for nothing, i worked hard for this
I tried to get to you, you treat me like this

I guess dreams always end
They don't rise up, just descend
But i don't care anymore
I've lost the will to want more

So all god's angels beware and all you judges beware
For all the people no longer here an angry voice will cry
I've given everything and more, the strain's too much
Can't take much more, so beware !, i'm not afraid anymore

Leave me to die
You won't remember my voice
You won't remember my name

For Life, Love, Peace, Justice and Truth.

Flow Back To The Heart